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How to Choose A Correct Printer for Ourselves?

There is intense competition among printer brands. Everyone claim to be the best and they will try to tempt you with their amazing features and functionality. All this make the printer buying a little confused. They are not only confused about printer brands, but they are also unclear about the type of printer they want. The first thing that user should determine is that the brand they are choosing should be compatible with their operating system. There are some printer brands that don’t support Linux fortunately; Canon printers are compatible with almost every operating system.

Apart from this, you need to be clear what kind of printer you want, whether an inkjet printer or a LaserJet printer. That all depends on your printing needs. If you want a scanner and a copier along with a printer, then go for All-in-One printer, other monochrome printers are good enough for you. Professional photographers can go for a specialized photo printer. Once you have decided the basic things, you can now look for additional features like wireless functionality, PictBridge etc. You can look upon these additional features as per your budget.

Luckily, Canon is one such printer brand, which has taken everyone’s need into consideration and it has something to offer to everyone. You can get a number of varieties and models under the Canon brand. Whether you need to print hundreds of papers in a day or just a couple of sheets, you can do it with the help of these printers. Moreover, the overall printing cost is much less than as compared to other brands. All-in-all this printer can offer a beneficial deal for everybody who wants to buy a printing machine.

Common Canon Printer Error Codes

Canon Printer Error Code 5B00

You get to see Canon Printer error code 5B00 when the ink pads get saturated with ink. This can happen because of improper usage of the ink cartridge or due to continuous ink system installation. To fix Canon printer reset ink counter error you should set your device back to its original factory settings. This will just eliminate the error but you are not handling the actual ink pad problem. If you are using a multifunctional printing device then you can fix Canon Printer ink absorber error by running it in service mode.

Canon Printer Error Code 5200

The error code 5200 has to mainly do with the ink level. If the black ink is empty other color ink combine together to make black ink. Later, when you install black ink, sometime printer’s malfunction or ink level reader cause Canon printer error code 5200. You need to reset the printer to resolve this problem. Other than this, you can also encounter this problem because of the damaged print head. In this case, you need to replace the print head.

Canon Printer Error Code 1401

If your Canon Pixma printer is having issue in recognizing one or more cartridges, it will generate an error code. If the “Fine cartridge is not installed” then you will see Canon printer error code 1401 which is also known as “Check Ink” error. Other similar errors are 1687 and 1485. The former one appears when “The FINE ink cartridge is not installed properly” and the latter one appear in case “Appropriate ink cartridge is not installed”.

Some Regular Canon Printer Problems

Canon Printer Not Responding

There can be a number of reasons for your Canon Printer Not Responding issue. It can as simple as a loose connection or in case of wireless device it can be weak signals as well. Mostly, the wireless device stops responding due to communication issues. Make sure that you have connected your printer and computer with the same network. If this is not the reason, then maybe your spooler service has stopped and you need to restart it for your machine to resume printing.

Paper Jam Issue

Paper jam is the most common and frustrating issue that any printer user encounters. Mostly, the problem takes place because of user negligence or due to lack of maintenance. One has to be very careful while handling the Canon printer paper jam issue. Turn off your Canon device and open the door leading to the paper path, then carefully pull the paper sheets and scraps. Once you are sure that the jam is clear, you can close all the doors and continue with your printing task.

Driver Installation Problem

There are two different way to install a printer driver, either you can do it with the help of the CD that came along with the product or if you don’t have a CD then you can install it from manufacturer’s official website. Sometimes, user face Canon Printer driver installation issue, in that case, either they can consult with a master technician or use a free tool known as Driver Easy. Driver Easy can be used to resolve all the problems related to drivers.

What Are the Limitations of Using Canon Printers?

You cannot completely rely on an electronic device, it can ditch you at any moment and when that electronic device is a printer, then the possibility of getting deceived even increases. There are a number of things that can go wrong while installing or using this unit such as you might face the issue in driver installation, maintenance, print quality issues and much more. No matter whether the issue is small or a big one, one single problem with your printing device can degrade its performance and quality. One needs to take immediate action to address these issues otherwise they might damage your device further. In fact, you can take help from printer administrative to tackle these issues.

Canon Printer Technical Support Service that Everyone Trust

Don’t let printer glitches and errors bother you, instead take help from experienced and certified technicians to access wholesome solutions for your printer problems. When you call at Canon Printer toll free number UK 0808-169-3104, we start working on your concerned issue immediately and with the help of our technical knowledge and advanced technology we remotely help you deal with these issues in a comprehensive manner. Feel free to connect with us any time as per your convenience to acquire immediate support.

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