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Scrutinize Why Lexmark Printer Is Considered As Best

Need for printing device has increased in the years counted recently. As we all are becoming digital, we prefer to save our documents, images, and files at a digital platform, but there are times when we need hard copies of these digital files and that is when the role of printer becomes evident. Whether you are a home user or a business person, quality is the first priority of everyone, apart from this, we also make sure that the printing machine we are using is delivering quality prints at low cost without compromising with speed and performance. Lexmark is the only printer brand that stands tall in all these scenarios.

Lexmark has reached the millions of users as it offers a certain variant of its exceptional products that are capable of fulfilling professionals as well as personal printing requirements of people. It gained its reputation because of its sturdiness, dependable features, and swift functioning. Lexmark Printing machines range from the wireless to all-in-one printer and from the printer-cum scanner to LaserJet and inkjet. These are just appropriate for workplaces which have hefty printing requirements. Also, the availability of quality technical service for seamless printing makes it the user-choice.

Standard Errors Codes of Lexmark Printer

Lexmark Printer Error Code 1102

This error code is associated with the ink cartridge. The main reason behind this error could be refilling of the colored or black ink cartridge. Other than this, one can experience Lexmark Printer Error Code 1102 because of incorrect placement of the cartridge or print head. Even if you are not having a proper power supply for your system or there is a problem with the power code, then too your machine will generate the error. Take proper action as per the cause of the problem.

Error code 241 Paper Jam- Check Tray 1

As the error itself indicates the reason behind it is a paper jam in tray 1. You need to take out the paper tray 1 and remove the jammed paper from there and then reinstall the tray. If you still encounter Lexmark Printer Error code 241 Paper Jam- Check Tray 1, then makes sure that you are using the correct type of paper. Examine the edges of the paper, they should not be folded or curled. In case, your printer is getting jammed again and again then it means your printing device requires service.

Error Code 1203

This error is an indication that there is a problem with one of the ink cartridge. The first thing that the user can do to remove this error is to reinstall the ink cartridges. You can also attempt to clean the cartridge contact to fix Lexmark Printer error code 1203. If that doesn’t resolve the issue then we suggest you to take help from professionals to handle this query. The technicians will suggest you some basic troubleshooting steps to eradicate this problem.

Some Usual Problems with Lexmark Printer

Lexmark Printer Not Duplexing

If your Lexmark printer is not printing double-sided then the problem is clearly with driver/software setting. You might not have configured it correctly to for auto-duplexing or it is also possible that your printing machine doesn’t have a duplex option available. In case, your device has this option then open Driver Properties from your Windows control panel and check your printer setting. Make sure you enable Auto-duplex option to fix Lexmark printer not duplexing issue.

Lexmark Printer is Printing Blank Pages

There is something wrong with the printer’s software or driver that is causing the issue. If the blank pages are printed on the internal fonts list then check Separator Sheets and Blank pages settings from the Paper menu. If you still continue to get blank pages then check the paper size settings for all paper trays. If you can’t fix Lexmark Printer Printing Blank Page issue then consult your service provider. If the printouts are faded instead of completely blank then it is possible that the ink cartridge is low.

Print Head Nozzles Got Clogged

When you leave your printer exposed to air or it remains unused for a longer time, this will cause your Lexmark Printer print head nozzles to get clogged because the ink gets dried inside the print nozzles. Most printers come with nozzle cleaning utility that can be used to remove clogged or dried ink. You can access this utility from the Control Panel. Alternatively, you can also remove the clogged ink cartridge to perform a manual cleaning.

Don’t Lag Behind Because of Lexmark Printer Issues

No matter how much money have you spend to buy your printer or which brand and type of printer you are using, issues will definitely come your way. Problems start emerging from the moment you decide to install your Lexmark device into your PC and it can keep troubling the user until the whole lifespan of the machine. Issues may vary from user to user some get connectivity issue while other gets the print quality problem. The user has to decide if they want these problems to keep disturbing them or they will take an appropriate action to put a full stop to these issues. If the things look difficult for you then Lexmark also offer quality and prompt support for your machinery.

Professionals And Swift Tech Solution At Lexmark Helpline UK

At times, handling these issues becomes hard and all we need is a technical person who can guide us or help us resolve ongoing printer problems. All you need to resolve these nagging Lexmark problems is a responsive help desk service which can be accessed at Lexmark Printer Customer Care Number UK. With our help, you will not only be able to fix configuration and update issue but you will also get assistance for other complex problems which are related to printer parts and drivers. We will make sure that user is able to leverage their device for perfect printing solutions.

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